visual goodness | gone fishing

Ca’n Picafort – Majorca, Spain (May 2013) 

those still days
where time wraps around you
blinds you

you’re in a haze of bliss
of easy air
of comfort

eventually you come out, blinking
refreshed, hazy

time was on your side
you took a breathe.
you had that moment

that moment you had been waiting for.

what it feels like to take a breath on those holidays where it’s just you, the sun and that blissfully slow life …


visual goodness | stonehenge

Stopped off here on a tour to Bath. I was really excited to check out Stonehenge and unfortunately once we arrived, I was underwhelmed.

A highway has been built on either side of the stones and I do see its significance; how the people managed to create something like this with the minimal resources they had is admirable. Though I think my lack of knowledge about English history and whatnot didn’t help that underwhelmed experience… damn my uncultured mind.

In saying all that, this photo came out pretty well.. did it not?

Budapest | Looking Up

I have a tendency to look up. Anywhere I am, when I first step out of the front door, when I step off a plane and hit the tarmac, I look up.

That classic piece of photography tip has always echoed: find a different angle. If everyone is taking a photo left, look to your right. So while everyone is looking straight ahead of them, my head is tilted back while the Mr tugs on my bag so I don’t bump into anyone…which happens almost daily.

We travelled to Budapest the other weekend. I had no idea what to expect from the trip but it completely surpassed all and any expectations. Budapest is just gorgeous and, of course, I looked up…

Bullet Holes from WWII
Matthias Church
Apartment Buildings
Court Theatre of Buda

Being from Sydney, every European city completely awes me because of the architecture. Sydney has no buildings spotted with bullet holes from a past war, no buildings built before 1800, no obvious disparities in time reflected in its aesthetics. Budapest, on the other hand, is teeming with it. So it’s no surprise my neck was firmly directed to the vertical.